Google On Traffic Metric & SEO

Google’s recent Search Off the Record podcast discussed the important details of SEO, including a thought provoking segment about how SEOs can benefit from realign their thoughts about traffic with other possibly more important goals. Traffic As A Measure Of Success? One of the most misinformed things that search marketers do is measure their success … Read more

Google Helps Small Businesses Stand Out With New Search Label

Google Helps Small Businesses Stand Out With New Search Label

Google has announced new features to connect holiday shoppers with small and local businesses, part of an ongoing effort to support smaller merchants on its platforms. In a company blog post, Google detailed upcoming changes to Search, Maps, and Merchant Center aimed at helping small businesses stand out. These include AI-powered product image generation, enhanced … Read more

Google Completes Switch to Mobile-First Indexing

After years in the making, Google has fully transitioned to mobile-first indexing, the search engine giant announced Tuesday. This means Google prioritizes mobile versions when crawling pages and indexing content. The shift reflects Google’s increased focus on mobile devices that began in 2015. At the time, Google updated its search algorithm to favor “mobile-friendly” sites. … Read more

IndexNow Celebrates Two Years, 1.4 Billion URLs Submitted Daily

Established two years ago with the primary objective of streamlining how websites signal their content changes to search engines, IndexNow has been on an impressive trajectory. As of now, 60 million websites join the platform daily, and an astounding 1.4 billion URLs are submitted each day. Addressing the Disconnect Between Search Engine Results And Real-Time … Read more

Amazon Introduces Generative AI Image Tool For Advertisers

In a move aimed at simplifying the ad creative process, Amazon Ads has released a generative AI-powered image generation feature in beta. This tool promises to tackle a pain point that has been pervasive among digital advertisers: the complexity of designing compelling ad creatives. The new feature could be a game-changer in the ever-evolving landscape … Read more

Google Now Allows Mixing Structured Data Formats

Google announced that it’s okay to merge two kinds of structured data now and that it will validate at the major structured data validators. Now your choices aren’t restricted to exclusively using JSON-LD or Microdata structured data. It’s unclear if RDFa is included although it’s said to validate. Syntax Graph Merge Aleyda Solis tweeted … Read more

Majority Of Social Media Users Admit They’d Be Happier If It Didn’t Exist

A new study reveals that most social media users, especially young people, continue to use platforms like Instagram and TikTok even though doing so makes them unhappy. They feel trapped in using these apps primarily because they fear missing out if they don’t participate. Online Experiment Surveys 1,000 College Students Researchers at the University of … Read more