How To Optimize App Install Campaigns

It’s now easier than ever to promote an app, thanks to Google App Install campaigns. This campaign type has both advantages and disadvantages when trying to promote a mobile app. The settings and features you have to your advantage in these campaigns are: Operating system device (iOS or Android). Budgets and bids. Cost-per-install caps. Creative … Read more

How To Install The Google Tag For Conversion Tracking

The Google Tag is a reliable source to measure the entire customer journey. But, most marketers go running for the hills whenever “code” is mentioned. It can be challenging to bridge that gap between the advertiser’s needs and the technical integration required to analyze data. That’s not the case anymore! Google’s most recent tutorial video … Read more

Mark Zuckerberg’s Remarks To Senators Promotes American AI Dominance

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, offered remarks to the closed door Senate AI Insight Forum that sought to encourage continued American leadership in developing AI as a safe path toward providing the economic benefits of AI. He voiced strong support for the role corporate America setting the technological standards in open source as well as … Read more

I Secured $300k In Grants For My Community-Based Business

Joining a local accelerator program was an important factor in successfully securing grants for my community-based business. Joining this program was truly eye-opening. Accelerator programs have the purpose of helping businesses (usually start-ups) accelerate their business growth. When you join a program like this, you get access to advisors who will help you further develop … Read more

Agency & In-House Pros Navigate Disruptions

Our 3rd annual State Of SEO report is here, and we’re paying special attention to agency and in-house professionals – with a dedicated report for each: Both agency and in-house SEO professionals face a unique set of challenges within the industry and require unique solutions. And with the ever-evolving nature of SEO, it’s important to … Read more

WhatsApp Channels Available Globally With Updated Features

WhatsApp launched Channels in 150 countries with updated features including an enhanced directory, editing, forwarding, and reactions. WhatsApp Channels are now available in over 150 countries. New features include an enhanced directory, emoji reactions, and editing capabilities for admins. WhatsApp also launched an official channel for direct communication about product updates. Source link

Amazon Launches Generative AI Tool To Generate Listing Content

Amazon has taken a significant step forward in simplifying the lives of its sellers by employing generative artificial intelligence (AI) to generate listing content. Initially spotted in August, Amazon showcased the new generative AI capabilities designed to assist sellers in crafting more compelling and detailed product listings at the Amazon Accelerate event. Creating compelling product … Read more

How SEOs & Publishers Can Improve WordPress

A full-time sponsored contributor to WordPress discussed how publishers and members of the search marketing community can influence WordPress so that it’s more useful for all the things they want it to do. The person I spoke with was Naoko Takano, a full-time sponsored WordPress contributor whose focus is on contributor experience improvement. She has … Read more