“Don’t sacrifice your own retirement and financial health!”

I produced a YouTube video recently on how much money do seniors need in Singapore monthly to cover basic needs.

The video got many comments and some of them were pretty shocking when it comes to providing financial support for parents.

I am archiving some of these in my blog as a reminder to myself that not everybody thinks like me and how things might be very different now.

@deschua76 said,

30 years ago when I was still a kid, I told my parents that I won’t give them a single cent when they retired and because of that the fear drove them to become financially free now! 

That should be the way! Do or die! No excuses!!!!
my parents constantly thank me for what I did. For your information and dissemination please.. #ToughLove 

And someone agreed with this comment. 

 @user-pi6mn9wj8n said, 

This is what ALL children should tell their parents. Why shld children hv to pay parents who hv no responsibility to take care their own financial health. 

The young hv it far harder than their parents did – with things like student debt and much higher housing costs. 

It is PARENTS that should be helping children at this juncture. DONT sacrifice your own retirement and financial health because u hv deadbeat parents who want/need handouts. 

To this, AK said, 

“Like that, children become forever liabilities.😱 Better don’t have children.”

In case you are interested in that YouTube video and the comments it generated, here is the link:

How much money do seniors need in Singapore in 2023?

Gurmit Singh’s song is in my head now. 

“Things different already.”

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