My plan for CPF as SSB 3.32% p.a. oversubscribed.

I blogged about my interest in buying some Singapore Savings Bond which offered 3.32% p.a. in 10 year average yield.

It seems that many more people have the same idea.

The results are out.

The SSB was oversubscribed.

Fortunately, for smaller applications like mine, we had 100% of our applications filled.

This SSB partially replaces planned voluntary contributions to my CPF account in 2024, the year I turn 54 years of age.

If this continues, it looks like I won’t be making further voluntary contributions to my CPF account.

The plan was, of course, to continue making voluntary contributions till I turn 55.

With interest rates being so low for so long, the plan was to continue making voluntary contributions to my CPF account even after I turn 55.

The idea was to use the CPF as a high interest rate savings account beyond age 55.

However, with interest rates likely to stay higher for longer now, that plan has become less attractive.

Some might even say the plan is now obsolete.

I could get higher interest rates simply by putting money in fixed deposits, for example.

The only drawback of the SSB is that it does not compound interest earned.

Still, at my age, with the resources that I have and the kind of financial obligations that I have, I think that is almost a non-issue.

This is just me talking to myself, of course.

We have to do what makes sense for us.

If AK can do it, so can you!

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